Who We Are

Gulfstream Tax Group is a property tax solutions group that works with companies to assist in solving some of the most complicated property tax issues and challenges. We work with tax leaders to assure a smooth and efficient tax program while minimizing their tax liability

“Comprised of the most senior talent, we work in unison to solve the most complex property tax issues. The firm was founded in 2000 and continues today as a well-respected group committed to being the best.”

Our Bottom Line is to Make Each Client Feel Like They Are Our Only Client.

No matter how big or small.

Many of our clients begin with us out of frustration of an environment of unanswered or delayed answers of their phone calls or emails from their consultant “says Steve Sattizahn. “Our industry has gone through a lot of buy outs and merging making large conglomerates. The mid-sized corporations are not receiving their needs as quickly as they need”. Gulfstream combines that attitude with over 30 years of experience and good relations with local jurisdictions. That combination spells success for us and our Clients! Our clients also come to us because they are tired of the high fees of their larger firms.


Our business model is a senior advisor-focused approach. Staff works for our partners and the partners work for you.  We have assisted tax leaders of some of the largest Corporations in America with property tax issues and problem solving.

Steven W. Sattizahn – Co-Founder

The success of his company is due to his capacity to pay close interest to a company’s corporate culture and identify all areas of tax savings potential. Being the best is a direct result of understanding the need for personalized attention to each client and customizing a unique tax program to fit the needs of each client. Steven W. Sattizahn received a Bachelor in Business Administration from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. He is co-founder and ex-President of the Florida Association of Property Tax Professionals. Steve has been active in lobbying on legislative issues concerning property taxes throughout his career. He is a member of IAAO, FUTMA and has taken all classes through IPT.

María Luisa Sattizahn – Director

Maria is an Ernst & Young alumni with a Masters in Professional Accounting from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin in 1996 and her Certificate of Public Accountancy from the State of Texas in 1999. Her studies concentrated in taxation and cost accounting. María received her B.A. in Economics and her B.A. in Spanish from Rollins College in 1991. She has broad responsibilities at RTS, in addition to managing our business licensing and Sales & Use staff and sales tax consultants.

Our Sister Company: Retail Tax Solutions

In 2016, Due to the tremendous growth of our retail division, Gulfstream Tax Group, spun off a new company called Retail Tax Solutions (RTS) to cater directly to high volume retail clients. As the national retail client base grew, we saw that high volume has different needs, issues and requires different managing. So we spun off our high volume clients with the creation of RTS to specifically address the national scope and high volume issues.

The Difference Between The Two?

So, Gulfstream Tax Group is a more localized complex properties type company and Retail Tax Solutions is more of a services company specializing in high volume issues. RTS also provides Sales & Use Tax compliance and audit representation.