How do we manage your tax bills?

Tax Bill Management for Multiple Locations

Our three-step process for handling all your due dates and payments.


When dealing with so many properties, there is a lot of things to keep track of. Not only the tax bills themselves but who exactly should receive them. For example, if you’re a franchise with multiple owners having someone monitor over all of those bills can ease a lot of headaches. We review all the tax bills and then send out notices to our clients about the payment dates.


We let our clients know ahead of time when they have tax amounts due prior to the tax discount or tax due date. This allows our clients ample time to look at all the reports and make the decisions necessary. Clients are made aware of the current tax amount due, due date, taxing jurisdiction payment requirements, and parcel number.


We will go ahead and make payments for tax bills coming from the client’s bank account with proper authorization. We do this via funds provided by you in a bank account and will assist you with processing payments up to the due date. We will begin verifying everything is paid and start the process of check writing, transmittal and receipt verification, system documentation, and account reconciliation.

We have a large bill management and payment practice. We verify, chase down and timely pay all your tax bills.

We devoted a new division specifically to cater to our high volume location clients and is handled through our team at Retail Tax Solutions. Please visit us