Identifying Risk and Opportunity

Blindly filing a real estate appeal has its risk. Why bring attention to a property that is taxed fairly or favorable? Not only is it a waste of your time and money but could bring it to the attention to those that may want to increase it.

Our experts analyze and provide you target values and discuss with you the game plan of winning a protest. Informal Negotiation is the first step to the Appeal Process. If the informal negotiation does not persuade a jurisdiction to settle, an Administrative Formal Hearing is required. Success in both Informal Negotiations and Administrative Formal Hearings require relevant data and a compelling presentation to succeed. Having an established and respected relationship with the jurisdiction makes informal negotiations and administrative hearings more likely to succeed.

Should a case require litigation, we partner with local law firms and experts creating an expert team to represent our clients in court. Gulfstream Tax Group’s tax reduction success is high. Great care goes into the analysis and presentation of a property tax case. Our clients rely on us to appeal a value only when it is warranted. This garners respect with our client and in the field.